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ENT UK Foundation


The ENT UK Foundation is the philanthropic and fundraising arm of ENT UK

The ENT UK Foundation exists to improve ENT healthcare for all.


The Foundation seeks to achieve this by:

  • Investing in the specialty, in particular by providing research grants, educational fellowships and support for humanitarian projects, both nationally and internationally
  • Engaging with stakeholders including patients, the public, clinicians, industry and charity partners, and those involved in advancements in technology
  • Facilitating global innovation, including through the funding of global health and international programmes.


The Foundation will particularly focus on the following areas:

  • Research and education: Supporting the development, advancement and dissemination of clinical research and encouraging the research activities of associated groups and societies to further improve knowledge. 
  • Social responsibility: Fostering an awareness and understanding of the wider social context, including understanding and reducing the impact on the environment and natural world and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion as an integral part of its activities.
  • Professional development: Providing support, mentorship, and career development for clinicians as leaders in their field.
  • Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement: Promoting the prevention of ill health and the reduction of health inequalities, as well as improving patient journeys and pathways, by improving information for patients and the wider public, using advancements in technology, improving patients’ access to healthcare, and promoting healthy lifestyles.
  • Celebration: Celebrating achievements in ENT healthcare nationally and internationally.


In undertaking its mission, the ENT UK Foundation will seek financial sustainability and longevity through fundraising and other income-generating activities.

The Foundation is proud to be an approved NIHR non-commercial partner and will help set up research portfolio and pump-prime funding with NIHR adoption to produce high-quality clinical research which will aim to improve patient outcomes.

The Foundation is committed to working with partners to enhance digital solutions for healthcare delivery and using Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) to advance worldwide training.



The Foundation Executive Committee:

Foundation Chair – Professor Nirmal Kumar

ENT UK Member – Ms Victoria Ward

ENT UK Member – Mr Taran Tatla

Lay Member – Mr Mark Chacksfield KC

Lay Member – Mr Andrew Foster

Foundation Secretary -  Ms Katie Nurcombe



Advisory Group

Mr Patrick Way KC

Prof Tony Narula

Mr Andrew Gamble

Ms Sadie Khwaja

Prof Jaydip Ray

Mr Ashok Rokade


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3 May 2023 8:45AM – 5:00PM

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10 March 2023

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