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Welcome to the Student and Foundation Doctors in Otolaryngology (SFO-UK) website. The SFO was founded in 2014 by the merger of the Medical Student and Junior Doctor Committee (MSJDC) of ENTUK and the National ENT Undergraduate and Foundation Trainee Society (NEUFTS). Both groups fundamentally had the same aims and now work together to:

1. To raise the awareness of ENT as a career among medical students and to encourage junior trainees to consider ENT as a career
2. To develop and maintain a national undergraduate ENT curriculum
3. To promote education in ENT amongst medical students and foundation doctors
4. To advise medical schools and other organisations regarding medical student and foundation doctor ENT training where required
This website has a number of resources that facilitate these aims. I am enormously grateful to the SFO-UK committee for their ongoing hard work in developing this website and furthering the aims of the group. I would also like to thank elefENT and OCB Media for their enormous contribution to the educational resources on this website. I am very grateful for the ongoing support of the ENTUK Executive not to mention the incredible enthusiasm of the students and foundation doctors that I have spoken with over the past few years.
I hope that you find the resources on the website helpful.

Yours Sincerely,

Jayesh Doshi
Ex-Chairman, SFO UK