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Become a SFO Regional Representative

Applications for SFO UK Representatives are now open, check the link below to apply.


About the Regional Representative Role

The Representative scheme is designed to facilitate the aims of SFO UK at the loco-regional level, relevant to specific knowledge and needs

There are 3 types of SFO UK regional representatives:

  • Medical School representative
  • Foundation School representative
  • Core Trainee representative

Each representative performs their respective role in each particular region. There is an additional type of representative called the Academic Representative. This is not a regional representative but instead represents the academic aspects of ENT training at the national level. 

The primary roles of the SFO Regional Representatives are:

  • To help facilitate optimal delivery of ENT teaching
  • To raise awareness of ENT as a career
  • To raise the profile of the SFO UK as a means to facilitating the points above

Medical school Reps, Foundation school Reps, Core trainee Reps will be performing their role respective to their level of training. i.e. Medical schools will be performing their role in relation to their local medical school(s), Foundation Reps for Foundation school and Core Trainees for their CST region. For a more detailed job description click here.

Why become an SFO UK representative?

  • Certificate or another formal letter of recognition for their contribution to a national society upon completion of their posts.
  • This can serve as evidence of commitment to surgery/ENT and evidence of leadership and management skills.
  • Supported development as a leader and manager. The committee will support you throughout your time in this role.
  • Network with ENT professionals and trainees around the country

Who is eligible?

To become a regional representative you must be:

  • A Medical student, Foundation Doctor, Core Surgical Trainee, or equivalent
  • Have a strong interest in ENT as a career.
  • Be a member of ENT UK

How do I apply?

The applications for UK Representatives at SFO are currently open. The deadline for submission is December 15, 2023.

  • Check out the Job description.
  • Check our list of Reps to ensure the post you are applying for is vacant.
  • Click the button below and complete the form to apply.




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