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(Formerly the Medical Student & Junior Doctor Group)



  1. To raise the awareness of ENT as a career among medical students
  2. To provide advice to medical students and foundation doctors regarding careers in ENT
  3. To facilitate education in ENT amongst medical students
  4. To provide appropriate content, and maintain such content, for the SFO section of the ENTUK website
  5. To produce written guidance regarding the content of undergraduate training in ENT for use by the GMC and Medical Schools both in the UK and if requested abroad
  6. To give advice to any curriculum making organisation as to content, breadth and depth of knowledge – this would not just include the SAC in Otolaryngology but other examples may include Royal Colleges of Physicians, Paediatrics, Surgery and General Practice
  7. To give advice on assessment processes used on trainees at any level including undergraduate level
  8. To provide advice on the recruitment processes of trainees
  9. To provide a representative to the Education and Training Committee
  10. To provide an annual report on the activities of the SFO

The SFO committee is accountable and shall report on a regular basis to the ENT-UK Executive.



The Chairman, who will not necessarily be a Member of Council, shall be a member of ENT-UK and shall be appointed by the Executive Committee to serve for a term of three years.



The SFO committee should comprise a minimum of 9 members, selected by formal application on merit from the membership of ENT-UK. Members would normally serve for three years.  Where possible the committee should have members as listed below:

  • Chairman (Consultant)
  • ETC Chair (Consultant)
  • SFO network lead
  • 2 medical student members
  • 2 foundation doctor members
  • 2 specialist registrars


The members are responsible for the following areas and leads for each area should be allocated:

  • Web maintenance (Consultant led)
  • Marketing and careers fairs
  • Curriculum
  • Education
  • Foundation course



The Committee shall have the power to co-opt members to assist its work


Office support:

The Committee shall be serviced by the administrative staff of ENT UK


Timing of Meetings:

Bi-annual meetings will be organised by the SFO chairman, normally timed to link with other meetings of ENT UK with which members might be involved.  At least 5 members need to be present (whether face to face or via teleconference) for the meeting to be quorate. Other liaison will take place via e-correspondence and telephone conferences.