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SFO is part of ENT UK. Membership is available for medical students and foundation doctors with an interest in otolaryngology via the ENT UK website. The cost is £20 per annum.


SFO UK aims:

  • To raise the awareness of ENT as a career among medical students and to encourage junior trainees to consider ENT as a career
  • To develop and maintain a national undergraduate ENT curriculum
  • To promote education in ENT amongst medical students and foundation doctors
  • To advise medical schools and other organisations regarding medical student and foundation doctor ENT training where required


Benefits of becoming an SFO UK member

  • Demonstrates commitment to specialty

  • Excellent networking platform
  • Access to e- lefENT- a ENT E- Learning Hub
  • Access to events run by SFO UK
  • Access to online Clinical Otolaryngology
  • Access to SFO UK Educational Podcasts
  • Eligible to apply for the Undergraduate Essay Prize


Apply for Membership

Sign up today to become a student member of ENT UK.