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Prizes and Awards

SFO Undergraduate Essay Prize 

About the Essay Prize

Much has been said about undergraduate medical education over the years but it seems that little changed: as far back as 1979 the Council of the British Association of Otolaryngologists (BAO) considered how best to generate interest in ENT and encourage undergraduate medical students into the Specialty.

How better to achieve these aims than by establishing a competition and offering a prize to the winner? It is no surprise that the idea of awarding the prize on the basis of the results of a multiple-choice exam was rejected in favour of an essay competition for undergraduates and the first Undergraduate Essay Prize was awarded in 1981 for an essay entitled "The Social Handicap of Deafness" and the prize continues to be awarded annually to a clinical medical student for an essay the title of which is published each year.

The tradition initiated so many years ago continues to flourish under the auspices of ENT UK.

SFO Undergraduate Essay Prize 2023

This year's topic is: ‘Artificial Intelligence: the future of innovation in medical practice related to Otolaryngology or are the risks too high?’  

The winning essay will be published on the SFO UK website and the author awarded a £500 prize and invited to join the SFO Committee.  

  • Eligibility: Student and Foundation Doctors (SFO) ENT UK Members only
  • Specifications: the maximum word count is 3,000 words
  • Deadline: Tuesday 19 December


Submissions are currently closed.


Enquiries should be sent to:

Past Essay Prizes



SFO UK Innovative Education Prize

About the Prize

Do you have a passion for education? Have you got a great training idea you would like to implement to engage your fellow medical students?​

SFO UK is looking for proposals that incorporate ENT into an innovative training event at your medical school based on one of the following themes:

  1. ENT Clinical examination
  2. ENT procedures
  3. Clinical decision making in ENT scenarios

What will the winner receive?

Past winners have received free entry to the UK's largest ENT conference (BACO).

How do I enter?

Applications for the prize are currently closed. Join us on our Facebook and Twitter to keep to date with announcements of the next prize openings!


SFO UK Elective Prize

About the Prize

Undergraduate electives form an important part of medical education and is a great opportunity to develop your interest in a specialty such as ENT. It gives an avenue to pursue projects either locally or overseas. We felt we would reward such endeavours by establishing a prize award for the best elective.


Applicants must:

  • Be medical students from a UK medical school at the time of undertaking the elective.
  • Have conducted a project in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery or one of its sub-specialties.
  • Have completed their elective in the most recent academic year.

See the Prize poster advert for further details and see the application form for further terms and conditions

Details of Prize

The prize to be awarded this year is £500


The deadline for the 2023 prize will be the 1st of June 2023

How to Apply

Please complete the application form and send the completed form to The instructions for completion and process are all available in the application form

Previous Winners

Congratulations to Benjamin Talks for winning our Elective Prize for 2019. See the winning essay here.