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Everyone suffers from ear, nose and throat (ENT) conditions at some stage in their life; all young children have coughs and colds and may suffer from ear infections; when we get older we all lose some of our hearing and balance.

To ensure that patients benefit from the very best treatments in the field, it is important that research is conducted to improve our understanding of ENT conditions and how best to treat them. Doctors and researchers in ENT, Hearing and Balance have therefore worked closely with patients and families to develop an agenda that will guide research in the field for the next 10 years.

Research priorities include improving the patient’s journey when suffering from ENT problems, such as allergies, and problems of the sinuses and voice. Patients felt it is important that there is research into self-management, in particular for those suffering from dizziness. There is a need to improve the benefit of hearing aids and develop and test new treatments for hearing loss as well as for loss of other senses such as balance and smell.

Patients and professionals agreed that future research in ENT, Hearing and Balance care needs to be patient centered. They have agreed to work together to ensure that future research addresses the issues that matter both to patients and those who care for them.

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