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BSFPS - British Society of Facial Plastic Surgery

The British Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (BSFPS) is a facial plastic surgery organisation affiliated with ENT UK. We aim to represent all ENT Surgeons who perform the many aspects of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in either the NHS or the private sector. BSFPS is committed to promoting and maintaining the highest standards of clinical care focusing on patient safety.


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President's letter to members


 Dear Members of BSFPS,

I am sincerely humbled and honoured to assume the Presidential position of the British Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (BSFPS), our sub-speciality body of the ENT-UK in July 2022. I am privileged to have been nominated and elected by my senior colleagues and the council members.  I would like to thank my senior colleagues and council members for their tireless contribution to our organisation, particularly Prof. Hesham Saleh, Prof. Alwyn D’Souza, Prof. Peter Andrews and Prof. Tim Woolford. I would like to thank the past president Mr Peter Andrews and the Secretary Mr Anil Joshi for their stewardship over the last two years which was undoubtedly the most challenging times of our career.

It is my privilege and honour to have the opportunity to serve the BSFPS for the next two years. It gives me great pleasure to write to you personally and set out my vision. I am acutely aware of the unmet needs of our senior trainees in elective nasal and facial plastic procedures during COVID times. To begin addressing these issues, we have sent an FPS training survey questionnaire via ENT-UK. I would appreciate if all trainees could complete the survey. The results will help us focus on the issues raised with a planned approach. One of the ways we are looking to address the training issues is by a sponsored advanced training programme to help the trainees undergo dissection courses, lectures and mini fellowships. Mr. Ryan Cheong, one of our senior trainees from London has recently uploaded a series of lecture webinars to the BSFPS section of the ENT-UK. We will aim to expand on this video library over the next few years. I am also planning to put together a compendium on Facial plastic surgery with contributions from various experts in the UK. We hope this will be of value to senior trainees and consultants. I am also looking to continue the good work of our past president Mr Peter Andrews who has been actively involved in standardising functional rhinoplasty surgery with patient pathways.

I envisage a fair and diverse representation of council members across the country. We are welcome to any suggestions regarding any under representations from different regions of the country. We will aim to fill all council positions over the next few years and possibly expand the numbers in larger regions. I hope to actively encourage council members to submit educational topics on a regular basis for the FPS newsletter, which Miss Sadie Khwaja has been expertly leading as editor. Our secretary Mr Anil Joshi and I have  put forward an exciting FPS Scientific programme for the next BACO conference in Birmingham, February 2023. I would encourage our members to have an active participation in the conference.

To conclude, I am looking forward to the next few years of my tenure and excited to be a part of such a wonderful society. I hope to follow the steps of our past presidents to help our society grow stronger. I look forward to meeting you all at our next annual conference in October, organised brilliantly by Mr Anil Joshi. My Personal wishes and kind regards to all the members and their families.


Mr. Natarajan Balaji,  President BSFPS.

Dated: 22nd September 2022.