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BSFPS Presidential Election

Voting is now open for the British Society of Facial Plastic Surgery 2023 presidential election to determine the next president-elect of BSFPS. We are looking for an established NHS consultant surgeon with known experience and a track record of teaching, training and research in Septorhinoplasty and facial plastic surgery.



Cosmetic surgery certification update and application dates. 

Established practitioner scheme has been very popular and the deadline for applications has been extended from December 2022 to August 2023.



News 2023




Happy Xmas and a prosperous 2023 to all BSFPS members. It will be a slightly Northern theme this year following the success of our London meeting in Oct 2022. 

I am delighted in welcoming our new reps and committee members. 

2023 will be a busy year. I hope you can join us for the facial plastic section of BACO in Feb in Birmingham.

As we return to our practises post covid, why not get updated and  refreshed on your surgical techniques. 

In May 22nd-24th we will be running our popular hands on cadaveric course in Nottingham.

Finally our AGM will be in Manchester on Oct.12-13th. The theme will be ' how to Develop your practise ' LA techniques, writing business cases and international speakers sharing their knowledge and experience.

Please save the dates in your diary. Links to register will follow shortly.


The Junior section continues to build and we are keen to be the port of call for all trainees who wish to pursue a career in Facialplastic surgery. 

Our goals for 2023 will be to develop patient leaflets for our patients.

We already a library of e learning. We will continue to build on new techniques and procedures. 




From the President

Dear Colleagues,


I am delighted to announce the results of our voting of the BSFPS office bearers ( for regional representatives, secretary and treasurer positions)

I would like to thank all the members who where keen to contribute to the growth of our organisation.

We have the following colleagues appointed to the BSFPS.  With these appointments, our council and regional reps positions are complete and we will update the data on our ENTUK/BSFPS site. 

  • Mr Ashok Rokade--BSFPS Secretary
  • Ms Nadia Ashraf --BSFPS Treasurer
  • Mr Nicholas Calder --Regional rep for Scotland
  • Ms Siew Keh --Regional rep for Scotland
  • Mr Ben Stew -- Regional rep for Wales
  • Ms Sharinie Yapa -- Regional rep for York
  • Ms Caroline Smith - Regional rep for Northern Ireland

Many congratulations and looking forward to work with you all over the next 2 years of my tenure. I will constantly updates any developments happening. I would like to actively involve the regional reps in teaching and training initiatives. I am very welcome to any new ideas or initiatives which can be useful for the organisation. Appreciate if you can update me on any issues.

The tenure  will be staring from January 2023 for three years till December 2025. After discussing with the compliance team of ENT-UK, I would like to confirm that we will  also be extending the tenure of the current office bearers till December 2025 for ease of administration. So, apart form the president  election (which is for two years only), all other office bearers election will be due to be advertised only end of 2025.


Kind regrads,

Mr Balaji, President BSFPS


Facial Plastics Surgery programme at BACO 2023

Download pdf version



Day 1: Wednesday 15th February 2023

1.30 PM – 2.30 PM | Wednesday 15th Feb 2023

Panel Discussion 1 – "Challenges in Revision Rhinoplasty"


  1. Hesham Saleh
  2. Santdeep Paun
  3. Fazil Apaydin
  4. Tim Woolford
  5. Asho Rokhde

Moderator: Nadia Ashraf

2.30 PM - 3.00 PM | Wednesday 15th Feb 2023

Oral presentations

3.30 PM – 4.30 PM | Wednesday 15th Feb 2023 

Key Topics in FPS - “Resident’s forum”


  1. Sadie Khwaja

“Skin cancer reconstruction in the head and neck region”

  1. Jose Cardoso

“Pinnaplasty techniques, tips and tricks”

  1. Samit Unadkat

“A step-by-step rhinoplasty assessment”

  1. Bhaskar ram

“Nasal hump reduction”

  1. Harshdeep Mangat

“Novel techniques in septal perforation repair”

Moderator: Raj Bhalla

4.30 PM – 5.00 PM | Wednesday 15th Feb 2023

Instructional Session 2 - "Management of Facial Scars and Keloids"

Speaker: Ullas Raghavan – confirmed

Moderator: Anshul Sama – confirmed

5.00 PM – 5.30 PM | Wednesday 15th Feb 2023

Instructional Session 4 – "Photography techniques – do’s and don’ts in facial plastic surgery"

Speaker: Garyfalia Lekakis

Moderator: Munish Shandilya


Day 2: Thursday 16th February 2023

9.15 AM -10.00 AM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

“Keynote” Lecture by Fazil Apayddin

11.15 AM -12.15 PM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Symposia – "Functional Septorhinoplasty: Management of the internal and external nasal valves"


  1. Louisa Ferguson

“Functional management of the cleft nose “

  1. Santdeep Paun

“Ethnic considerations in functional rhinoplasty”

  1. Iain Hathorn

“Management of a saddle nose deformity - functional aspects of INV”

  1. Sal Okhlavat

“Surgical Management of ENV obstruction”

Moderator: Natarajan Balaji

1.30 PM - 2.30 PM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Panel Discussion 2 – "Strategies in Tip Refinement"


  1. Santdeep Paun
  2. Garyfalia Lekakis
  3. Munish Shandilya
  4. Balaji Natarajan

Moderator: Jose cardovo

1.30 PM - 2.30 PM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Oral Presentations

4.30 PM - 5.00 PM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Debate – "Preservation vs Structural Rhinoplasty"


  1. Hesham Saleh
  2. Fazil Apaydin
  3. Garyfalia Lekakis

Moderator: Alwyn D’Souza

5.00 PM - 5.30 PM |Thursday 16th Feb 2023

Instructional Session 1 – "Flap techniques in Skin cancer"

Speaker: Nadia Ashraf

Moderator: Baskaran Ranganathan


Day 3: Friday 17th February 2023

9.15 AM - 10.00 AM |Friday 17th Feb 2023

“Keynote” Lecture by Philio Lekakis

11.15 AM - 12.15 PM |Friday 17th Feb 2023

Advanced Update – "Advances in Facial Plastics"


  1. Kristian Hutson

“Advances in Auricular reconstruction / DCELL tissue dermis”

  1. Jose Cardoso

“Advances in Facelift surgery“

  1. Ullas Raghavan

“New look at the old valve”

  1. Munish Shandilya

“Mandatory Psychiatric Evaluation in Rhinoplasty”

Moderator: Sadie Khwaja

4.30 AM - 5.00 PM |Friday 17th Feb 2023

Instructional Session 5 – "Regional blocks in facial plastic surgery"

Speaker: Pei Pei Cheang

Moderator: Samit Unadkat

5.00 AM - 5.30 PM |Friday 17th Feb 2023

Instructional Session 3 – "Non-surgical facial rejuvenation"

Speaker: Bhaskar ram

Moderator: Anil Joshi


BSFPS Annual Meeting 2022 - Juniors Forum

The British Society of Facial Plastics Surgery (BSFPS) Annual Meeting 2022 Juniors Forum was held face-to-face on the 6th of October 2022 at the Hallam Conference Centre in London, UK. It was well attended by trainees and experienced surgeons with an interest in facial plastic surgery from the UK and internationally. The forum was opened with a warm welcome by BSFPS President Mr. Natarajan Balaji. Attendee were treated to a wide range of high value topics in facial plastic surgery including ‘Nasal reconstruction techniques’ by Mr. Baskaran Ranganathan to ‘Cutaneous Malignancies’ by Miss Sadie Khwaja. The sessions were expertly moderated by Mr. Raj Bhalla and Prof. Anshul Sama who were able to draw out pertinent insights and stimulate active discussions with trainees. Trainees also had the opportunity to present and share their work on facial plastics projects during the free paper presentations segment. The day concluded with a mock viva session for candidates of the FRCS(ORL-HNS) exit examination. Overall, the BSFPS annual meeting continues to deliver as the pre-eminent meeting in facial plastics surgery in the UK and we look forward to seeing you in the BSFPS Annual Meeting 2023 in Manchester!