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Cosmetic Surgery Certification

The Intercollegiate Cosmetic Surgery Certification Scheme is supported by a process that aims to provide accreditation of competencies (including professional behaviours, clinical skills, knowledge and experience) in defined areas of cosmetic surgery.


Articles / Training

BSFPS Newsletter

The British Society of Facial Plastic Surgery Newsletter (BSFPS News) is produced to keep the FPS members updated on the current global topics and features affecting our members. There will be regular articles from influential members of our society and articles that will suit trainees as well as established consultants.

Issue 1 - BSFPS Newsletter  July 2015

Issue 2 - BSFPS Newsletter  Dec 2015

Issue 3 - BSFPS Newsletter  May 2016

Issue 4 - BSFPS Newsletter  Jan 2017

Issue 5 - BSFPS Newsletter  Aug 2017

Issue 6 - BSFPS Newsletter  Feb 2018

Issue 7 - BSFPS Newsletter  Oct 2018

Issue 8 - BSFPS Newsletter  May 2019

Issue 9 - BSFPS Newsletter  Oct 2019

Issue 10 - BSFPS Newsletter  Nov 2020


Abstracts presented at the BSFPS Annual meeting are available below. Click on the documents listed below to download a PDF of the abstracts presented:

  • BSFPS Inaugural Meeting 2015
  • BSFPS Annual Meeting 2016

Other groups and organisations

The Training Interface Group

The Training Interface Group (TIG) in Reconstructive Cosmetic Surgery maintains standards for training in the interface specialties. For more information, including information on recruitment, visit the website.


The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery

The European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery works to educate and raise standards in the medical community about the importance of specialisation within plastic surgery. For more information, visit the website.


International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies

The International Federation of Facial Plastic Surgery Societies (IFFPSS) is a federated group of societies of facial plastic surgeons from various countries around the world. For more information,  visit the website.