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Featured Patient Information Leaflets

The full list of Patient Information Leaflets can be found here

Featured Clinical Guidelines

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ENT Junior Doctors induction resources

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Curriculum Guidance for Physician Associates with a Special Interest in ENT

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The Official Handbook for Medical Students and Junior Doctors

This “E-book” has been written to provide a practical guide to the day-to-day management of common ENT conditions and will be helpful to medical students and junior doctors as well as other clinicians that have exposure to ENT as part of their practice. It has been developed by the Students and Foundation Doctors in Otolaryngology group (SFO UK), which is part of ENT UK.

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Ear Procedures in the Community Setting

We have had a number of enquiries about the safe restart of ear procedures in the community setting, these two documents have been developed for use in South London but may be useful for other community settings.

Ear syringing SOP

Microsuction SOP


Members of the ENT Community Group who are at different stages of their careers have kindly shared their personal journeys to becoming a GP with an extended role in ENT to encourage others who may be interested in this career.


Guidance Document for GPs with an Extended Role in ENT

In response to a need identified by GPs around the UK  the Community ENT group of ENT UK have produced a curriculum guidance document. This is not an accreditation document as accreditation clearly falls under the remit of the RCGP but it addresses a need for further guidance in our specialty to support the CPD for GPs who have a particular interest in ENT.

Guidance Document for GPs with an Extended Role in ENT