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Global Health ENT UK is committed to develop high-quality, sustainable care in the specialty across the world, with the hope that equity in health care can be achieved for all.

In particular, there is a focus on low resource countries where there is a lack of appropriate resource and a high burden of disease.

The main aims are to highlight the importance and prevalence of ENT disease on the global stage, with a particular focus on training, such that low resource countries can become self-sufficient in providing their own ENT services.

Such training will be achieved through access to educational resources and support of in-country training through courses and 'camps'.


ENT UK Global Health committee seeks to cultivate and encourage the ENT UK membership to participate in activities that assist the provision of optimal care of ENT/Head & Neck diseases around the world.

It aims to do so by:

  • Developing a network of enthusiastic members and international opportunities and resources to be included in a database.
  • Forging partnerships with local and internal charitable organisations
  • Encouraging trainees to develop an interest in undertaking international global health fellowships. 
  • Developing organisational links with medical and surgical groups to encourage and enhance the breadth of global health activities available to ENT UK members. 
  • Providing educational resources to low income countries through courses and camps. 
  • Assist in the provision of medical equipment and technology to optimise ENT care in low income countries.

Global Health Committee Members

To view member's profiles click on their names below:

Nicholas Eynon-Lewis - Chairman of the Global Health Committee

Cheka Spencer - Vice Chairman of the Global Health Committee

Dulani Mendis - Treasurer of the Global Health Committee & Committee Member

Vijay Pothula - Global Health Committee member

Matthew Clark - Global Health Committee member

Sanjiv Kumar - Global Health Committee member

Sanjay Verma - Global Health Committee member

Kate Stephenson - Global Health Committee member

Emma Stapleton - Global Health Committee member

Baveena Heer - Global Health Committee member

Sara Timms - Global Health Committee member


As part of ENT UK membership, members may join the Global Health Section free of charge, however you must be a member of ENT UK to be eligible. To find out more information please visit our membership page.  

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If you already a member of ENT UK and wish to join ENT Global Health, please email