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Global Health Virtual Conference 2023

17 Nov 2023 

We are delighted to announce the date for the next Global Health Virtual Conference.  This allows participation from ENT surgeons and other clinicians from many countries around the globe. The event will be held on Friday 17th November 2023. 


Previous Events

ENT UK Global Health Virtual Conference 2022

This popular annual event is held online to allow contributions and attendance from across the globe, enabling diversity and inclusion and ensuring the conference reflects the many stakeholders in this vitally important field. 

This event is aimed at anyone interested in global health. All are welcome, and the conference will be a rewarding opportunity for ENT healthcare practitioners at all levels, from senior clinicians with vast experience to trainees and students seeking to get involved in global health. 

The programme will feature speakers from around the world, exploring topics essential to understanding global health in 2022. The beneficiaries of the ENT UK Global Health Fund 2022 will also be announced at the conference. To find out more about the ENT UK Global Health Fund and how you can apply, visit the Grants and Fellowships section of the ENT UK website.

For more information, including details of the programme, call for abstracts and how to register, click the link below to visit the Global Health Conference page.

Learn more

World Hearing Day 2021/World Report on Hearing

Glimpse into the World Report on Hearing launch on World Hearing Day 2021 - advocacy materials

Relevant links in several languages

World Hearing Day 2021 / World Report on Hearing launch

Event registration QR code to access WHO’s website:

Virtual BACO International 2021 Global Health sessions

Session 1: Sunday 10 January 2021, 13:15-13:45

Speakers: Farizeh Ahmed, Catherine De Cates

Combatting the stigma of Chronic Otitis media in Nepal – Farizeh Ahmed, Catherine De Cates
Training community health workers in Uganda – James O’Donnovan


Session 2: Tuesday 12 January 2021, 09:30-10:15

Speakers: Ossama Abdel Hamid, Samy Elwany (Professor, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine), Johan Fagan (Professor and Chairman, University of Cape Town)

Practicing and training with limited facilities - Johan Fagan
Challenges of cochlear implantation in developing countries - Ossama Hamid 
Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: An expanding list of indications - Samy Elwany


Session 3: Tuesday 12 January 2021, 13:15-14:15

Speakers: Kelvin Kong, Tom Martin, Mike Smith

Ear Aid Nepal – Mike Smith, Tom Martin
ENT Downunder, our Global Health Perspective – Kelvin Kong


Registration link: Registration (

ENT UK Global Health Virtual Conference 2020

The 3rd ENT-UK Global Health Conference was held as a one-day, live virtual event being sponsored by Smith and Nephew.  The event was chaired by Global Health Committee members Nick Eynon-Lewis and Gemma Twitchen, and provided a veritable insight into the issues affecting ENT/Audiology colleagues with a global perspective.  It was freely accessible to delegates from low to middle income countries.

The diverse range of speakers hailed from Africa, the Pacific islands, Australia, the Americas and the United Kingdom.  The virtual aspect lended to greater accessibility for international delegates to join and ran seamlessly, being free from technical issues on the day.

The day consisted of four structured sections covering the (i) Global aspects of COVID -19; (ii) Moving forwards with global health issues; (iii) Projects making a difference and (iv) Local paediatric service models.  All sections had an opportunity for panel discussion at the end.

After a welcome introduction by the chairs; the first speaker within the COVID-19 section provided an informative summary of the unfolding events of the pandemic and the rapid journey to vaccine development.  President Nirmal Kumar discussed the ENT-UK response and some of the challenges that lie ahead of us, with poignant mention of our fallen colleagues.  Dr Samuel Okerosi, from Kenya, provided a unique insight into the effects of the pandemic influenced by the Government leadership response and the pre-existing infrastructure.  The challenges of limited testing capacity, lack of personal protective equipment and backlog of elective work was also mentioned, echoing the challenges our NHS faces.

The Global Health Moving forward section consisted of speakers (i) from Harvard with discussion of the Global OHNS initiative (a collaborative ENT research programme to enable improved delivery of ENT care in low resource settings); (ii) from Deafkidz International discussing Audiology services and the stigma of hearing loss in Malawi (3 serving audiologists) and Pakistan (16 public sector audiologists); (iii) Anna Searle, from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine discussed the need for recognising “global interconnectedness” and the “need to give a voice to those most difficult to hear” as well as a sponsored clinical presentation from Damien Phillips.

The third section provided thought-provoking insight into how do you run or develop an ENT service with a scarce ENT workforce available.

A sustainable, outreach Otology training programme in Ethiopia was discussed as well as further pragmatic strategies utilising the expertise of existing staff by training colleagues from parallel backgrounds in Medicine, Anaesthesia and Paediatrics about ENT problems and emergencies.  The heartfelt dedication of Dr Oh Chungyeon’s a South Korean Government Consultant tasked with the mission of developing the Fijian ENT service by training the first Fijian ENT Specialist was particularly inspiring.  The powerful sentiment by David Howards of the ugliness of inequity and poverty (referencing experiences in Tanzania and Ghana) , the need to give something back and the poignancy of being within a population with little or no specialist medical infrastructure and was also particularly thought provoking.

The last section on Paediatrics featured an impressive account by Shazia Peer of the development of the Paediatric Airway Management service in Cape Town, South Africa and the importance of local self-empowerment by training African surgeons for country-wide service improvement and sustainability.

There were off course other talks on a variety of subjects, all being informative and thought-provoking with lessons on work force sustainability and service delivery we could all learn from.  All speakers presented live in countries with varying time zones, some being very early in the morning, following or before busy clinical shifts and so speaking on behalf of delegates we were all very grateful and inspired by their enthusiasm and dedication towards improving global health outcomes.

For me, the day emphasised the importance of shared learning, our global interconnectedness and our need to support one another in the right to health by developing health services as one global community and not as one separate country.  Certainly COVID-19 has shown us the depravity of poverty, the unnecessary loss of life it has caused and how we need to progress for the sake of humanity.

Written by:

Miss Dulani Mendis
Consultant ENT Surgeon


ENT UK Global Health Virtual Conference 2020 programme

ENT UK & BSA Global Health meeting, Friday 5 April, London

Thank you to everybody who took part in the ENT UK & BSA Global Health meeting on Friday 5 April. The day proved a great success and we all enjoyed a positive and very interesting event, featuring a fascinating series of talks by a range of great speakers, including Tess Bright, Tamsin Brown, James Droop, Alison End Fineberg, Surina Fordington, Stuart Harrison, Owain Rhys Hughes, Rishi Mandavia, Tim Pring, Maggie Savage, Kate Stephenson, Sian Tesni, Gemma Twitchen, Misha Verkerk and Robin Youngs.

We would like to extend our special gratitude to our international speakers, Professor Johan Fagan and Sok Davy Touch, who had travelled all the way from South Africa and Cambodia respectively to join us. Both of them drew on a vast wealth of professional experience to deliver very engaging talks which were well-received by attendees.

We would also like to thank Vijay Pothula, the President of Global Health, who was instrumental in organising the event, as well as Nick Eynon-Lewis, who was responsible for developing and compiling the programme of speakers. Events such as this are hugely important to the advancement of Global Health, and are entirely dependent on their speakers and organisers to facilitate the thought and debate necessary to further developments in this field. Sok Davy Touch’s Speaker Honoraria Report, which can be read here, deals movingly with the importance of medical professionals coming together from different parts of the world to share their knowledge and learn from each other, and from each other’s differing contexts. It is this spirit that drives the necessary advances in this area, and which makes events such as the ENT UK & BSA Global Health meeting so worthwhile.


The 2018 Meeting Survey Feedback

71.43% of delegates rated the event as 'excellent' or 'very good'

Images from the Inaugural ENT UK & BSA Global Health Meeting 2018.



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