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SAS - Ent Staff and Associate Specialist Doctors Group of the Education and Training


The SAS Committee of ENT UK was reconvened in September 2014 with the addition of new members. We hope to build on all the hard work our predecessors have done for the group and we wish to express our sincere thanks to them and particularly to Dr Laurie Baxter for her leadership and motivation. We look forward to working together.



Within ENT UK, our remit is to represent those doctors who are not in consultant or training posts. We aim to support the career development of SAS doctors and to promote recognition of the considerable skill and service contribution of this group.


Join the dialogue

In order to be representative we need to know your views and so feedback and suggestions are always welcomed.



  • Ramanathan Swaminathan (Swami) – Chair
  • Kannan Ramachandran (Ram)
  • Radhakrishnan Nair