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The e-lefENT Project is a dedicated virtual learning environment of Otorhinolaryngology resources, designed by the specialty for the specialty. The e-lefENT Project has been developed with the initial support of the Department of Health's e-Learning for Healthcare programme, we are very grateful to e-Learning for Healthcare who facilitated much of the early materials developed. The current project is owned and supported by ENT UK.  

The aim of the project from its inception is to provide an electronic learning initiative for Otolaryngologists in training, with an emphasis on interactivity. All aspects of the ISCP curriculum will be addressed through the different component sections of the platform. It is intended that the platform will provide a blended learning strategy for trainees to prepare for their exam and enhance the ability to apply their knowledge in the virtual clinical setting. All the materials have been authored and edited by a team of experts with a view to providing current relevant evidence-based practice wherever possible. The site over time will become increasingly populated with interesting and valuable educational resources to compliment the training of Otolaryngologists and enhance the continued professional development of existing Otolaryngologists. We hope that you enjoy the materials available and encourage you to feedback to the project executive to help us enhance and improve the individuals' learning experience. 

We wish to extend our thanks to all our contributors and a special mention must go to those involved in the e-lefENT projects initial build/development, to the Section Editors of the e-Learning for Healthcare ENT Programme as it was and to the present Editorial Executive for their commitment and hard work. 

Many more of you as Members of ENT UK  will have an opportunity to contribute in the coming year with your enthusiasm, expertise and innovative ideas for education in an electronic learning environment - we warmly welcome you to do so. We hope that as the platform evolves so to will the contribution from the wider specialty.

Victoria Ward
Editor in chief e-lefENT Project

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