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The Leaderboard Contest

Using the BACO event app to save contacts and enter the prize draw!

At BACO 2023, attendees will be able to scan exhibitors’ and other delegates’ QR codes and save their contact details to their event app.

To do this, just visit the ‘QR’ section of the app, from the home page, where you will be given the option to either show your personal QR code to someone else for them to scan, OR scan someone else’s QR code.

To scan a QR code, look out for the icon that looks like this:

Please note: all exhibitors will have a company QR code which is separate to the personal QR code on their badge. If you are looking to save the exhibitor to your leads and enter the leaderboard, you need to scan the company QR code, not their personal one.


What is the prize draw and how do I take part?

Delegates will be awarded with points for every exhibitor QR code that they scan. Exhibitor representatives will most likely keep their company QR code on their person/on a clipboard.

25 points will be awarded for every time you scan an exhibitors’ QR code and save their details to your app.

You will be able to view the leader board in the app.

The highest-scorers will win a fantastic prize. The prizes will be announced in due course and the winners will be announced after the conference.

Good luck!