Medical Training Initiative

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What is MTI?

The purpose of the ENT UK Medical Training Initiative (MTI) is to allow doctors from developing countries to come and work in the UK for between one and two years in recognised training posts with appropriate supervision and teaching, acquire useful and suitable skills and knowledge and then return to their countries of origin to practice in their chosen fields. 

The post/role that doctors undertake when sponsored by ENT UK 

Doctors sponsored by ENT UK work in approved higher surgical training posts (as speciality trainees - ST3 level) under supervision of consultants approved as trainers in the NHS for surgical specialist training in otolaryngology.

ENT UK requires the post to suit each individual candidate. ENT UK supplies applicants’ CVs and applications from ST3-ST6 for the Trusts to consider for the role they have available and a telephone interview is conducted.


With the support of the SAC, Deaneries and Training Programme Directors, ENT UK will be the sponsoring authority in the UK.

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (AoMRC) acts as the UK Visa Sponsor to enable participants to apply for a Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchange Scheme visa with the UK Borders Agency and this is an integral part of the scheme. 

Important changes to the allocation of Tier 5 visas

For more information on the important changes to the allocation of Tier 5 visas please click here.

Benefits of MTI

MTI trainees can be placed in recognised training slots which are vacant for a number of reasons which includes trainees out of programme (e.g. on research attachments). Trainee doctors receive the same quality of training as UK trainees. They will be able to increase and widen their clinical and technical skills in a structured and supervised training programme. As well as this consultants and trainees in the host department will welcome the opportunity to network with international medical graduates and learn skills and techniques from them. 

What does it involve?

During the placement the assessment process for International Medical Graduates is similar to that of UK trainees. What would be expected of these doctors in terms of their performance and targets should be based on the same standards as for UK trainees.

Under the Tier 5 sponsorship visa, trainees are entitled to a maximum of two years training in the UK.

Entrance criteria for the ENT UK MTI Programme

The IELTS or OET tests are now being accepted by the GMC (details below):

  • IELTS test- candidates must have an overall score of 7.5 with no less than 7.0 score in any one of the four categories (speaking, listening, reading and writing). This must be achieved in a single sitting and the IELTS certificate must be valid at the time of employment in the UK OR
  • English language test – the Occupational English Test (OET). The GMC have stated a grade of B in all testing categories is required for international doctors to qualify for GMC registration.
  • The candidate should have no rights of residence in the UK/EU/EEA/Switzerland.
  • The General Medical Council (GMC) requires trainees to be engaged in medical practice for three of the last five years, including the most recent twelve months. Clinical attachments/observerships do not count.

How to apply

If you would like to apply for the scheme, you must ensure you meet the criteria above.

For more information please contact Janet Stephen (ENT UK Education or

Application Form

Please note that ENT UK can only accept application forms sent by email and we will not take in account applications sent by post.

Download the MTI application form here

Documentation required for the application process:

  • Completed application form
  • CV
  • Copy of your passport which includes your passport picture (this must be of good quality)
  • Two (2) references to include one from your Head of Department and one from a senior local sponsor, preferably with links in the UK
  • Copy of a valid IELTS or OET certificate (this must be of good quality)

Please note: Incomplete application forms and those which do not fulfil the entry criteria will not be considered.

Administration Costs

What is the cost to the doctor for an offer of sponsorship under the ENT UK MTI?

ENT UK do not charge a doctor any fee for their administration of this scheme. ENT UK bear the whole cost of administration and only require that the doctor pay for their GMC registration and any visa costs.


There is an administration fee of £1,000 payable by the hospital to ENT UK when a candidate is successfully placed.

Useful Links - General Medical Council - Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

To introduce overseas doctors to NHS working practices; the Induction for International Doctors is now available on e-Learning for Healthcare website ( e-LfH is a Health Education England Programme in partnership with the NHS and Professional Bodies and provides e-Learning platform for NHS.

'Induction for International Doctors' e-Learning programme is available to all Colleges/employers to use for their new non-UK qualified doctors; employed or sponsored by them like MTI doctors.

This programme introduces internationally qualified doctors, who are new to UK clinical practice, to national ethical, social, legal and professional aspects. The programme has 26 e-learning modules in total which are interactive sessions produced by CMFT, along with a number of sessions taken from other e-LfH programmes which supplement the focus of the programme. Previous completers of a similar programme have found that it increased their knowledge about UK clinical practice and it was useful in enhancing the patient care they provide. Sessions include case-based scenarios and are intentionally generic in content, thereby making them useful for doctors of any specialty and grade. It is expected that this e-learning programme will act as a driver for new international doctors to commence a focussed discussion with their educational supervisors, to develop professional development plans and to undertake additional training as per their specialty/local needs.