Membership Fees

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All Membership fees are categorised according to occupation and the country where the member resides, the fees shown below are applicable for the current year.


Membership subscription begins on the 1st October and ends on the 30th September, however payment will be taken by direct debit in November and spread across 10 months. Leaving September and October without payment, if you wish to remain on an annual direct debit this will also be taken in November. Members will be given at least 60 days notice in the newsletters of any increase in subscription. The subscription to the association is tax deductable under Schedule E.

Monthly direct debits are now available.

Consultant member
£ 470.00 per annum
Senior Lecturer
Associate Member
£215.00 per annum
Trainee member
£180.00 per annum
Specialist Registrar
Surgical Trainee
Senior House Officer
Clinical Fellow


Allied Professional Member
£72.00 per annum
Speech & Language Therapist
Clinical Nurse
Allied Health Professional
International Member
£72.00 per annum
International Surgeon (any grade)
Retired Member
£72.00 per annum
Retired Surgeon
Retired Allied Professional
Student Member
£20.00 per annum
Medical Student
Foundation Doctor