Mr Shyam Singam is now the Chair of the Specialty & Associate Specialist (SAS) Committee

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ENT UK is delighted to announce that Mr Shyam Singam is now Chair of the Specialty & Associate Specialist (SAS) Committee. Mr Singam was appointed to the role in December 2017 and will remain in place for three years.

Mr Singam is an Associate Specialist ENT Surgeon, based at Torbay Hospital in Devon (The English Riviera). He completed his basic training and ENT diploma at Chennai, India and his subsequent specialist training and fellowship were obtained from the Republic of Ireland.

A generalist essentially, with special interests in Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA), Sleep Disordered Breathing, Coblation surgery and Acupuncture services which he leads at Torbay. His leisure time is divided between gardening, golfing and cooking.

Mr Singam is a member of the Local Negotiating Committee (LNC) and has been on the ENT UK, SAS Committee for the last three years.

He hopes to follow the good work done by his predecessor Janice Provan, in reaching out to the SAS group, increase the group's profile and its participation in ENT UK activities.