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The ENT UK-WENTS UK mentoring scheme and CESR ‘buddy’ mentorship scheme

The ENT UK Mentoring Scheme, hosted by WENTS UK

The ENT UK Mentoring Scheme, hosted by WENTS UK is a scheme supporting volunteers to become mentors, creating the time and space for mentees to concentrate on self-development. This in turn supports problem-facing and solving, or initiative and success, depending on where the mentee is in their journey.

The volunteer mentors provide support and guidance. The scheme supports and equips the mentors to do so, with a training course and an informal forum for discussion and support – the Mentor Café. We welcome all who would like to be part of our scheme as either mentor or mentee, and contribute toward building up our mentorship network! If you’re interested, you can express that interest here, and keep an eye out for the next one-day Mentoring Skills Course.

The ENT UK CESR ‘buddy’ mentorship scheme 
Each year around ten or fewer ENT specialty doctors apply for specialist registration via the CESR route in the UK. This is an expensive process and the support for these doctors in preparation for their submission is variable around the UK, due to the variety of experience that may be available in each region. 

The aim of ENT UK’s CESR ‘buddy’ mentorship scheme is to provide informal support and advice to a colleague in order to maximise their chance of success. A CESR buddy is a consultant who may have applied via this route themselves or perhaps had experience of supporting a colleague through the CESR process. If you would like further information on this mentorship scheme or in becoming a CESR buddy, or if you are a specialty doctor who would like the support of a buddy, please contact Janet Stephen, Education and Governance Officer, at