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CPD Accreditation

ENT UK CPD Accreditation

As you are very aware in this current climate, COVID-19 has shifted the focus of face-to-face events and meetings to virtual platforms. In order for ENT UK to continue to deliver a robust and high-quality service, the ENT UK CPD Committee along with the Director of Education have amended the CPD accreditation process: online courses/conferences/webinars seeking CPD points will require the following to gain accreditation and approval from ENT’s national body. The application process will remain the same.

E-learning modules

At the moment, ENT UK will issue CPD points for e-lefENT, but not for other e-learning platforms.  This can be reviewed by the CPD Committee if other submissions are received.

Courses/conferences (which would previously have been face-to-face, but are now virtual)

Where attendance can be verified, the course organisers should keep a register of attendees to confirm their presence or video screenshots via Zoom.  This will be the equivalent of the attendance list if the course had been physical.  Course organisers will need to inform their attendees that attendance certificates and CPD points can only be issued if their attendance is verified.

Webinars (registration required, but physical attendance cannot be verified)

If CPD points are to be issued, the webinar organisers’ will need to assess the attendees’ knowledge e.g. with post-event questions; these will be reviewed by the CPD committee beforehand.

The aims of ENT UK Accreditation

Continuing Professional Development is central to lifelong learning and ENT UK aims to assure that teaching and training are delivered to a high standard: course content is scrutinised and delegate feedback is reviewed; courses are inspected to ensure that all courses with ENT UK CPD approval meet the highest standards. 

ENT UK assesses courses for quality and awards CPD points which can be counted towards revalidation.

Courses which are awarded the ENT UK quality kite mark will ensure that ENT professionals have access to high quality training thereby contributing to the relief of patients suffering from diseases in the ear, nose and throat and related areas.

The advantages of acquiring accreditation through ENT UK:

  • Approval from ENT’s national body
  • Rapid turnaround of CPD points allocation
  • Robust quality assurance, with course inspection and evaluation
  • ENT UK kite mark quality certification mark for use on promotional and course material (within branding guidelines)
  • Advertise your course on the ENT UK website, ENT UK news and in the ENT UK round ups


ENT UK offers a selection of CPD accreditation and advertising packages. Simply choose the package that best fits your needs.

The packages are as follows:

Please note that we will be unable to advertise courses that have not been accredited through ENT UK or an equivalent body. The ENT UK kite mark is valid for one year only (course date) and cannot be used to advertise any other courses other than the one in which accreditation has been applied for.

  1. Review, quality assurance, accreditation of applications and advertising for one month - £310.00 + use of ENT UK kite mark for promotional materials
  2. Review, quality assurance, processing and accreditation of applications (no advertising) - £210.00 + use of ENT UK kite mark for promotional materials
  3. Review, processing of quality assurance for advertising purposes only (with no allocation of CPD points) - £160.00 + use of ENT UK kite mark
  4. Advertising only (subject to approval from ENT UK that an event does not need to be quality assured by the CPD Committee) - £110.00 (without the ENT UK kite mark)
  5. International courses already awarded CPD/CME points by an equivalent body, review and advertising - £210.00


  • ENT UK will accredit courses, conferences and meetings run by or for ENT surgeons, and whose content is within the national curriculum for ENT higher surgical training. It is important to note that when submitting applications to ENT UK the course organiser and/or a senior member of the faculty must be a member of ENT UK.
  • ENT UK does not provide accreditation or quality assurance for ear wax removal courses at this time. 
  • Courses/events which are free for all delegates and do not have any sponsorship in place may be able to gain a full or partial exemption from costs for accreditation and advertising. This will be assessed through individual applications on a case-by-case basis. If an exemption is granted and the course meets all requirements they may still be awarded the ENT UK kite mark.
  • Courses/events that have obtained sponsorship in order to cover costs, will not be able to gain a full or partial exemption from costs for accreditation and advertising.
  • The ENT UK kite mark can only be used in relation to a course/event that the course organiser has received accreditation for and will be valid for one year only. The ENT UK kite mark can only be used in the year that appears on the kite mark and not any other year (i.e. 2020 kite mark cannot be used in 2021).

Dignity & Respect Statement

Bullying, harassment, and inappropriate sexual comment is not acceptable at ENT UK and ENT UK associated meetings. Course organisers and sessional chairs must have undertaken equality and diversity training within the past three years.  ENT UK would, also, advise course organisers and sessional chairs that they should complete the bullying and harassment online e-module available on the Edinburgh College website here.

How to apply

Please download and complete the application form and return it to

A copy of the programme (with timings) and a copy of the evaluation form you will be asking your delegates to complete after the course/event must be included in the application.