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Brief guide for Course Organisers

The following information gives a brief explanation on what is required in order to deliver the Paediatric ENT Skills Course in order to ensure consistency in quality, format and content. There is a maximum of 16 delegates for each course with a minimum of 12 facilitators.

If you feel that you can meet these requirements then please complete our expression of interest form and we will send you the detailed, step by step course delivery guide.

A named course organiser (point of contact for ENT UK with regards to planning and administrative progress)

Sufficient leads and facilitators to deliver the course with the specific skill set:

  • Local Course Lead who must be an ENT Consultant and an Anaesthetist, both of whom have attended a course previously as an observer or are members of the faculty
  • Paediatric Anaesthetic Consultants (at least 6 are needed)
  • Paediatric ENT Consultants (6-8 needed)
  • At least 50 % of facilitators must have delivered before  and others should have previously attended the course or similar e.g. APLS
  • A total of at least 6 rooms which will include 4 simulation bays, 4 small rooms for round table discussions and a lecture hall, all with audio visual

Access to all simulation equipment (computerized babies/mannequins and bronchoscopy sets will possibly be available from STORZ when a date is confirmed)

  • Optional dates to accommodate the availability of the facilitator and venue requirements from 9.00am till 5.00pm
  • Local accommodation for out-of-region facilitators and pre-course dinner for all facilitators to discuss details of course delivery on the evening prior to the course
  • Food and refreshments for delegates
  • Access to sponsorship to cover the cost of some/all of the above

There is a very small fund which can enable travel/hotel expenses to be paid from ENT UK to those facilitators travelling from out of the region.

Responsibilities of the Course Organiser –

  • All the aspects of the management, organisation (including venue, food and refreshments), local marketing and secure sponsorship
  • Liaise with ENT UK regarding faculty, budget costs and course materials

Responsibilities of the ENT UK Team –

  • Ensure copies of course materials and PowerPoint presentations are available for your event
  • Collate names and data supplied by the on-line registration system
  • Provide a Certificate of Attendance for all delegates who have attended a course
  • Send post course questionnaire
  • Reimburse expenses for out-of-region facilitators

Please email for a form.