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Brief guide for Facilitators

Each Paediatric ENT Skills Course requires a total of 12 facilitators. At least 50% of facilitators must have delivered before and others should have previously attended the course or similar e.g. APLS.

Each course requires:

  • Local Course Lead and Anaesthetist who have attended a course previously as an observer or are members of the faculty
  • Paediatric anaesthetic consultants (at least 6 are needed)
  • Paediatric ENT consultants (6-8 needed)

The facilitators will be required to use a variety of learning approaches to deliver the course including interactive e-learning, key point presentations, round-table discussions, paediatric bronchoscope part-task trainers and high fidelity immersive simulations with reflective debriefing.  Blended Learning combines learning undertaken in face-to-face sessions with interactive e-learning & web-based opportunities.

The key point presentations focus upon human factors related to the care of paediatric ENT patients and a comprehensive overview of the pathology of paediatric airway obstructions.

The roundtable discussions provide an interactive small group format for the exploration and refreshment of paediatric emergency knowledge with experts in paediatric anaesthesia.

The simulations and peer-to-peer debriefing techniques utilised throughout the course aim to provide a safe but challenging educational modality focussing upon experiential learning, deliberate practice and self- reflection.

ENT UK are building a database of facilitators who will form the faculty who can assist on future paediatric ENT skills courses.

In order to maintain the high standards for delivery of the course, all new faculty will be assessed. This will be in the form of observation whilst facilitating on a course and feedback from participants and other faculty.

If you are already an instructor on an ALSG course (ALS, APLS etc.) then you would be exempt from this process and can be directly registered on the database once familiar with the course material. This is due to the fact that you will have partaken in the generic instructors’ course (GIC) course and will be revalidated every 4 years. However the feedback from participants and other faculty will still be gathered and noted for your development.

At the end of the course you will either be recommended for further development whereby you may instruct on further courses under the guidance of more experienced faculty, or be recommended as an independent instructor.

If you feel that you would be interested in joining the faculty as a facilitator on the Paediatric ENT Skills Course please contact for further details.


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