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Brief guide for participants

The Paediatric ENT Skills Course has been developed to enhance paediatric emergency care by refreshing knowledge, practising skills and reviewing behaviours and attitudes in terms of:

  • Understanding human factors in the emergency setting
  • Understanding the pathology of paediatric airway obstruction
  • Understanding the important factors involved in inter-hospital transfer
  • Recognising the seriously ill child
  • Understanding the management of paediatric airway obstruction
  • Understanding the management of paediatric haemorrhagic shock
  • Understanding of indications and surgical technique of paediatric tracheostomy
  • ​Paediatric Bronchoscopy and removal of foreign bodies
  • Clinical management of paediatric airway obstruction
  • Clinical management of haemorrhagic shock
  • Clinical management of post-tracheostomy complications

The pre-course material focuses upon human factors, non-technical skills and crises resource management. The human factors learning package has been specifically designed to highlight key points in the dynamic management of difficult and challenging cases by individuals or teams. There is a focus on medical error, cognition / thought processing and behaviours. The themes developed in the on-line learning are re-visited throughout the course.

The key point presentations focus upon human factors related to the care of paediatric ENT patients and a comprehensive overview of the pathology of paediatric airway obstructions. The roundtable discussions provide an interactive small group format for the exploration and refreshment of paediatric emergency knowledge with experts in paediatric anaesthesia.

The simulations and peer-to-peer debriefing techniques utilised throughout the course aim to provide a safe but challenging educational modality focusing upon experiential learning and self-reflection.

In order to qualify for a place on this course you will need to be an ENT Consultant or SAS doctor, practising in the UK and a member of ENT UK.

If you meet the criteria and wish to register for a course please do so below:


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