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SFO UK Undergraduate Essay Prize

The topic for the 2022 Essay title will be: "How can otolaryngology as a specialty use technology to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability while improving delivery of high-quality healthcare and improve outcomes for our patients?"

The maximum word count is 3000 words. The winning essay will be posted on the SFO UK website. The author will be awarded a £500 prize and invited to join the SFO Committee and attend the BACO Conference 15-17 February 2023.

Eligibility: Only "clinical" medical students are eligible to enter (or last 3 years of medical school). Students who have graduated but not yet commenced their Foundation jobs are eligible provided they submit their entry before leaving medical school. You must be a member of SFO.

Deadline for applications is now closed

Entries will be judged anonymously by an adjudicator appointed by ENT UK.

Enquiries should be sent to: