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BOARS Pump Priming Grant 2024

BOARS present the opportunity to apply for small pump-priming grants of up to £1,500.  Grants can be used to get projects off the ground in any area of ENT or allied sciences. 

The deadline for applications is Sunday 10 March 2024 (23:59) and will be considered by the BOARS Committee.  Successful applicants will be informed of the outcome during the week commencing 8 April 2024.

Please note the following when completing your application:

  • Headings for your abstract - must include Background, Aims, Methods, and How the results of this research will be used.
  • Patient involvement and engagement - detail how you would involve patients and/or public engagement.
  • Additional research information (Research ethics) -  will your proposal require any research ethics and/or regulatory approval if successful?  Please include information on the approval you would need to obtain if undertaking animal or human studies
  • Professional qualifications - only include those most relevant to your proposal 
  • Key research achievements - highlight 3-5 key research achievements this can include research outputs (e.g., patents, key datasets) and/or publications that are of particular relevance to your application
  • Current Funding - provide details on any funding you are currently receiving (including funding body & grant duration)