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Guidelines for Authors of ENT UK Questionnaires

The purpose of the survey service

ENT UK provide researchers (members/non-members) a resource to complete projects; where they need to poll a number of people to prove/disprove a hypothesis, better understand how doctors/surgeons treat a disorder/illness, or achieve an understanding of how many cases of a certain disorder doctors and surgeons see etc.

Do we publish the results on our website?

We do not currently display results on our website, but where the results are published, this content must be included at the end:

"This survey was edited and approved by the ENT UK Survey Guardian prior to distribution. It was circulated via email invitation to the Expert Panel of ENT UK, the British Association of Otolaryngologists Head and Neck Surgeons between [insert start and end date your survey was live]. The Survey Authors acknowledge the voluntary contribution of ENT UK Expert Panel Members who help develop knowledge within our speciality, by sharing their Reflections on Practice."

(This declaration may be split into appropriate sections e.g. Methods, Acknowledgements, according to Journal style).

For more information

For information on fees and submitting surveys please contact