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ENT UK Junior Doctors Induction Resources

ENT UK Junior Doctors Induction Programme

Welcome to the ENT UK structured induction programme for junior doctors.

This induction programme curriculum has been developed over several years, and is designed to help you to develop the core knowledge and practical skills required to start an ENT rotation as a junior doctor, or to cross-cover an ENT service out-of-hours. The topics and content have been devised to reflect the desired knowledge of an ENT junior doctor at the start of their placement. It is anticipated that you will build on these skills through clinical experience and supplementary reading during your time in ENT. The material can also provide specialist training for nurses, emergency doctors and general practitioners.

For those using the material for induction, we recommend that the programme is completed within the first week of your job, with a dedicated time of 4 hours (1 session) provided by your departments. You will require a laptop, PC or tablet with sound function.

This programme consists of the following modules:

  1. Lectures
  2. Videos
  3. Assessment

    This self-assessment is for training purpose only.
    The lectures and videos can be viewed in any order, we recommend that you undertake the assessment at the end.
    A pass mark of 80% is required to complete the programme.

    Complete Assessment

We hope you find the induction programme useful, educational and entertaining and wish you the very best in your job.

Chloe Swords, Matthew Smith, Ananth Vijendren, James Tysome