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TORS: What do the papers say?

Functional outcome of Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery

A conversation with the Head and Neck Radiologist

Carcinoma of unknown primary and TORS

"Inside-Out" anatomy of the oropharynx

Surgical margins in Trans-Oral Robotic Surgery of the Head and Neck

Indeterminate thyroid nodules

Monitoring and management of benign cerebellopontine angle lesions

Flap and graft reconstructive options

Microtia and Atresia

Paediatric airway malacia and non-invasive ventilation

Chemo/radiotherapy considerations in head and neck squamos cell carcinoma

Evaluation of swallowing disorders

Features of primary ciliary dyskinesia

Non-infectious inflammatory lesions of the sinonasal tract

Drooling and Neurodisability

Skull Trauma

Rhinitis and Immunotherapy

Salivary leak post Head and Neck Surgery

Chyle Leak in the Neck

Vocal Cord Palsy following Head and Neck Surgery

Cerebrospinal fluid leak during/after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Early Displaced Tracheostomy

Facial Nerve Palsy Post Surgery

Hearing loss post Ear Surgery

Paediatric Airway Management


Complications of Otitis Media

Non-accidental injury in head and neck

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss and facial palsy

Complications of Rhinosinusitis

Laryngeal and pharyngeal trauma

Emergency airway management

Diagnosis and management of deep neck space abscesses

Blunt and penetrating neck trauma