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Clinical Otolaryngology Journal

14 April 2022
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Clinical Otolaryngology is a bi-monthly journal devoted to high-quality, clinical research on current otorhinolaryngological practice. It is published on behalf of ENT UK and The British Otorhinolaryngology & Allied Sciences Research Society...

SFO E-book

20 January 2022
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This “E-book” has been written to provide a practical guide to the day-to-day management of common ENT conditions and will be helpful to medical students and junior doctors as well as other clinicians that have exposure to ENT as part of their practice. It has been developed by the Students and Foundation Doctors in Otolaryngology group (SFO UK), which is part of ENTUK.


3 June 2020
ENT UK Journals and Publications

We are aiming to gather accurate information about ENT surgeons affected by COVID-19, and you can view reports on previous surveys.