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There are a number of fellowships available to help trainees develop their skills further. Please see the list of opportunities below:
The BRS offers a travelling fellowship scheme to help fund a trainee to pursue academic activity anywhere in the world. The award is open to any Society member who is a trainee or a consultant within 2 years of qualification and has an interest in rhinology. For the year 2015-2016, there is an award of up to £1500 available, and this award may be combined with other awards where applicable.


1. The choice of candidate for the Fellowship is at the discretion of the British Rhinological Society Council following the recommendation of the Fellowship Committee. 2. The Fellowship is open to members of the British Rhinological Society and is intended to encourage trainees and consultants within two years of their appointment. 3. Each year one Fellowship of up to £1,500 to be available which could be used to supplement other awards. 4. The Fellowship will be used to pursue an academic activity anywhere in the world including the UK (subject to the receipt of confirmation from the department to be visited or evidence of the meetings to be attended). 5. Applicants must submit by 30th June a comprehensive statement of the cost and purpose of their request which will be considered by the British Rhinological Society Fellowship Committee. Forms should be submitted to the BRS administrator at Ordinarily the application must be made in advance of the Fellowship being taken. 6. On completion of the Fellowship a report must be submitted to the British Rhinological Society and the candidate will be expected to give a short presentation at the Annual Meeting.

This fund is primarily used for educational purposes. Any member of the Society may apply for funding, to be put towards a project's costs. Further information/apply Further information and an application form can be found on the website:
BAHNO offers a Travelling Scholarship to help fund a visit for training experience for trainee members of BAHNO, who are enrolled in a recognised UK specialist training programme. Visits may be to an institution in the UK or abroad. The amount awarded for each Scholarship will be determined solely by Council, and will be no more than £1000. An application can be submitted at any time before the 1st December each year. This will be acknowledged and is considered by Council at their February/March meeting. The result is announced at the AGM in April. A condition of the award is that the Travelling Scholar should produce a short written report of their visit for Council, and a brief verbal report at the AGM if requested. For more information please visit:
Research grants are awarded by BAHNO to fund research proposals that are judged by the BAHNO adjudication panel to show promise and to substantially contribute to the body of knowledge in head and neck or thyroid cancer and its management. Amount BAHNO will make available research bursaries that will typically be between £1000 – £2000. In exceptional circumstances, a maximum award of £4,000 may be given. The amount awarded will be determined by the requirements of the research proposed and at the discretion of the BAHNO adjudicators. Eligibility The grants are open to BAHNO members only. The research must be of relevance to head and neck oncology. Those applying must be employed in the UK. Where the applicant is a trainee support from the trainers (or the supervisor and trainers) and the clinical director must be obtained. Astudy should have ethical and R and D approval in the Trust (s) where the research is to be conducted l before any grant is given. Submission Deadline 1st December annually Further information/apply Further information and an application form can be found on the website:
Small Grants (less than £15,000): to help researchers meet urgent requirements or conduct pilot studies. A fast-track peer review procedure exists for applications at this level. Equipment Grants:applications are assessed on the basis of the research case. Travel Grants: awards up to £750 available to grant-holders and others for meetings and collaborative visits. Applications are considered quarterly (forms available on the website) and the priority research areas are hearing loss, glue ear, detecting deaf babies, genetics of hearing, hearing aids, cochlear implants and tinnitus. Further information/apply Further information and an application form can be found on the website:
Sponsored by Forth Medical, the competition offers trainees an excellent opportunity to dissect a temporal bone under quasi-exam conditions. Competitors are given tasks to perform and observed by leading otologists who decide which trainee performs to the highest standards in terms of drilling technique, question answering and progress made through the defined tasks demanded. Thewinner will be invited to the next Forth Advanced Temporal Bone Dissection Course held in Florida each March.

Further information/apply

Further information and an application form can be found on the AOT website,